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Březen 2010

Cheerleading is for big girls

26. března 2010 v 15:01 | Ev |  O tanci
In fact I didn´t know much about cheerleading before I tried it.

My idea was that it is just a cute pre-dancing style first of all for kids and high school attenders in mini skirts waving and shouting during sport plays.

Within the time I found out that cheerleading involves sexy moves and difficult gymnastic elements such as jumps, pirouettes and human pyramids. Cheerleading gained extra points and my respect.

Cheerleading can be done at different professional levels. The best teams took part in prestigious sport competitions for the most outstanding sport teams in the country. Cheerleaders are much-sought for cultural events and their appearence can be also part of any firm party or session.

These cheerleaders are usually young and friendly women over-twenty with their own career. You can find them in financial departments, universities. They serve important positions in different firms. In their free time they exercise, jump, dance many hours a week to show nice performance.